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This financial thriller takes the reader in to the world of venture capital and shady IPO's. A driven fire-obsessed co-ed invents a high-tech fire-fighting tool that becomes a pawn in the hot IPO market. She rallies college students and fire fighters to turn the tables on her 'underwriters' and save duped investors from an impending stock scam.

A brilliant young woman, Nina Roman, comes to terms with the senseless death of her parents by a horrific accidental house fire. She focuses her pain and energy on creating a technological solution.  With the help of her older brother Mack, they invent a fire fighting wearable computer called 'Sparky.'  It's a 3-D networked mobile fire fighting command-center that turns a firefighter into a one-man band fire exterminator. Nina and Mack are given a lucrative offer by a shady venture capital fund to finance their dream invention but with ....strings attached. They are sucked into a financial quagmire -- they must develop their product on an ever-tightening deadline with little resources. The brother and sister create a first class phantom stock scam that forces the venture capital firm 'in the red' and exposes the repercussion of trading on publicity and hype.